The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has demonstrated a strong commitment to investing in artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies. The UAE government has launched various initiatives to promote AI research, development, and adoption across different sectors of the economy. Here are some key points regarding the UAE’s capacity to invest in artificial intelligence:

National AI Strategy

In 2017, the UAE launched the “UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence,” to position the country as a global leader in AI by 2031. The strategy focuses on enhancing government performance, promoting the economy, and achieving the happiness of citizens through integrating AI technologies.

Government Initiatives

 The UAE has established multiple initiatives to drive AI development. For instance, the “Ministry of State for Artificial Intelligence” was created to oversee the implementation of AI projects and initiatives.

Research and Innovation Centers

 The UAE has established research and innovation centers dedicated to AI. The “Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Artificial Intelligence” (MBR AI) is one such center that focuses on research, innovation, and capacity building in AI.

 Various Sectors to invest in artificial intelligence

 The UAE has integrated AI into various sectors, including healthcare, transportation, finance, and education. This includes projects like using AI for disease diagnosis, autonomous transport, smart city initiatives, and more.

Collaboration with Tech Companies

 The UAE has collaborated with leading technology companies and startups to foster AI innovation. These collaborations include partnerships with global tech giants to establish research centers and innovation hubs in the country.

Investment and Funding

The UAE is willing to invest financially in AI projects and startups. Both government and private sector funding have supported AI research, development, and commercialization.

Regulatory Framework

The UAE has been working on creating a regulatory framework for AI to ensure ethical and responsible development and deployment of AI technologies.

AI in Education

The UAE recognizes the importance of AI education and training. Initiatives have been launched to upskill the workforce and equip students with AI-related knowledge and skills.

UAE is a unique hub for investing in AI

UAE is a unique hub for investing in AI

Annual AI Events to invest in artificial intelligence

The UAE hosts AI-related yearly events, such as the “AI Everything Summit,” which brings together global experts, policymakers, and industry leaders to discuss AI’s latest advancements and opportunities.

Smart City Initiatives

The UAE’s innovative city projects, like Dubai’s “Smart Dubai” initiative, incorporate AI technologies to enhance urban living and provide efficient public services.

Introducing the top 11 artificial intelligence companies in Dubai

Dubai rapidly grew as a hub for technology and innovation, including AI companies. However, the landscape could have changed since then. Here are some AI companies in Dubai:

Smart Dubai

 This government initiative is to make Dubai the happiest city on Earth through technology and innovation. They focus on various AI-driven projects to improve city services and citizen experiences.

Genius AI

Geniu AI is one of the artificial intelligence companies active in Dubai, consulting and implementing various artificial intelligence products for multiple businesses. Genius team has terrific solutions for updating your business.


 ElGrocer is an AI-powered online grocery platform that aims to enhance the grocery shopping experience by providing personalized recommendations and efficient delivery services.


 Wrappup developed an AI-powered platform that captures meeting conversations, extracts actionable insights, and provides transcription services. It was acquired by Voicera in 2018.

Dubai is a great hub for investing in AI

Dubai is a great hub for investing in AI

Vernus International

Vernus offers AI and data analytics solutions, including predictive and prescriptive analytics, machine learning, and data visualization, to help businesses make data-driven decisions.


YzerChat provides AI-powered chatbot solutions for businesses to enhance customer engagement and support through automated interactions.

Alpha Data

While not exclusively an AI company, Alpha Data is an IT solutions provider in Dubai that offers AI and analytics services to help organizations leverage data for insights and decision-making.


While based in Jordan, Mawdoo3 is a significant player in the Arab world’s digital content and AI space. They produce online content and have developed AI-driven content creation and optimization solutions.


ViSenze, with an office in Dubai, specializes in visual AI solutions. They provide image recognition and visual search technology to enhance e-commerce experiences.


HyperPay, while primarily focused on payment solutions, also utilizes AI for fraud detection and prevention in online transactions.


NNTC (National Network for Technology & Communications) offers AI solutions across various industries, including security, healthcare, and education.



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